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Clubs & Organizations

Lakeside SCA

The Student Council Association is sponsored by Ms.Brittany Goode. Students in the upper grades are elected by their classmates to represent them in this prestigious council. The SCA has many events that take place during the year.


Lakeside Safety Patrols

Our safety patrols are a group of very responsible fifth graders who have demonstrated leadership qualities. The safety patrols’ duties include monitoring students in the hallways, on the bus, and on the car riders ramp. Safety patrols are a very important part of the Lakeside Elementary community.


Morning News Crew

The Lakeside Morning News Crew broadcasts live announcements on our very own TV station, WPAW. These live broadcasts are manned, produced, and performed by a group of 5th grade students. The Morning News Crew is sponsored by Mrs. Tonya Moore.


Lakeside BoB Team

This group of intelligent students competes against other schools in a battle to see who can answer questions from a variety of subjects correctly. This battle of the brains competition takes our student learning to a new level.




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