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About Us

Welcome to LKES- home of the Leopards! Lakeside Elementary School was named for the community of Lakeside. Major Lewis Ginter named the scenic location of Lakeside when he built an amusement park by the lake with a zoo, games for children, and water sports. Opened in 1948, we are a walking-school nestled in the heart of the Lakeside Community. The current structure has 60,502 square feet and houses approximately 400 students (K-5) and 85 staff. We are proud of our diverse student body, which represents over 50 countries. All of our students feed into Moody Middle School and eventually into Hermitage High School.

At Lakeside, there are 24 general education classrooms with LAMPS (Library, Arts, Music, PE) classes. Lakeside provides exceptional education, gifted resource, and a Socially Integrated Services zone program. Annual events include, but are not limited to our Veterans Day Program, International Night, Family Literacy & Math Night, PTA Harvest Happenings, and One School, One Book. We are honored to facilitate opportunities for leaders to learn and grow. Our SCA, Student Safeties, Morning News Crew, and Library Book Club provide opportunities for our young leopards to develop quality character and become global citizens. Lakeside school colors are royal blue, orange, and white. For the current school year, our staff, students and families had a voice in choosing our current theme, “Dive Into Learning!”

Lakeside focuses on the growth and development of the whole child. We provide tiered instruction and interventions in academic curriculum that meet the needs of individual students. Lakeside’s staff provide targeted, differentiated instruction that engages all students.In addition to tiered academic instruction, Lakeside provides tiered behavioral and social-emotional instruction and interventions. This is Lakeside’s sixth year implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and third year implementing the social-emotional curriculum Sanford Harmony. Our staff have also been trained in trauma-informed practices.

Lakeside recognizes the importance of partnership. We welcome volunteers and a broad base of stakeholders, which include, but are not limited to: the Lakeside PTA, VCU Alumni Association, Aggie’s Attic, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Lakeside United Methodist Church, and Henrico Education Foundation. All stakeholders are encouraged to join the Lakeside TEAM!